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Precision Embryology

I am very pleased to see that Precision Embryology has been so warmly accepted in the clinic where I work.

Precision Embryology means today the adoption of all the latest IVF techniques to produce a treatment strategy more personalized with better timing of embryo transfer.

We have learnt so much over the last few years creating- better culture media to bathe the embryos; better ways of incubating the embryos ( non disturbance through mini-incubators); better embryo selection by the 24/7 surveillance videos following embryo development; better methods of cryo-storing embryos through vitrification providing us with an equal success rate if using frozen embryos; better success at producing viable blastocysts that we may better select cells to send for genetic analysis now that we have better next generation methods of genetic screening...

Now we can choose what to transfer with greater accuracy and when to transfer ( or delay) with greater accuracy involving the most precise methods of…

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