IVF sites Boom in Greece

Too much information?

Patients , are now, much more well informed ..familiar with many health issues thanks to the internet.

Is attained knowledge a basis to start a dialog with your doc?..or does it just infuriate him?

Is there too much information confusing you on the web ?-please vote in our survey to the right and comment on this blog.

The web revolution has meant free, fast anonimnos communication to all with a computer.

http://www.kosmogonia.gr/ set out it's independant IVF information website some 6 years ago, when Greece had the lowest internet use in Europe and few websites existed in Greece that concerned assisted reproduction.

Couples looking for help with their fertility matters are generally young and computer literate, IVF units recognise this and nowadays many IVF docs and all clinics have their own website.

A survey conducted at Mitera assisted reproduction unit shown many patients in Greece would like their doctor to have a website, to contact their doctor via e-mail and even book an appointment but would never choose a doctor based on his or her website.

survey (in Greek) http://www.kosmogonia.gr/40_07_internetpaper.htm

(Η χρήση του διαδικτύου για πληροφορίες σχετικά με την υποβοηθούμενη αναπαραγωγή στην Ελλάδα. – Τάσεις και γνώμες ασθενών )

(for a copy in english please provide email address)

Overseas patients (bypassing difficulties in their native country) have little choice but to choose (at least initially) a doctor or clinic based on the website presentation

http://www.kosmogonia.gr/ enjoys between 500 to 800 visitors a month (large for a special interest site) with 70% visitors from Greece, next 5% from Germany and 4% from the UK.

key words include ΑΝΔΡΟΛΟΓΙΚΑ ΚΕΝΤΡΑ , ΔΙΑΓΝΩΣΤΙΚΟ ΚΕΝΤΡΟ ΕΞΩΣΩΜΑΤΙΚΗ ΓΟΝΙΜΟΠΟΙΗΣΗ , εξωσωματική γονιμοποίηση or ΕΞΩΣΩΜΑΤΙΚΗ but the most popular in Greece remains IVF!


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