IVF Videos on You Tube

You tube’s statistics report has given me an interesting insight on my videos on the www:

Just over a year ago, I tried to give a inside view of what actually goes on in the IVF Laboratory by adding these pictures and videos to the successful web broadcasting site.

The videos showing most IVF procedures, are most popular in Greece of course, followed by the United States and then the rest of Europe. Most videos have been rated 5 star.

The most popular video is Embryo development with over 35,000 requests (37%) and the least popular being “steps in embryo freezing” with only 2%.

Several students have requested the material for their high school or University Projects in Greece and Abroad.

The people viewing my videos are 48% female and 52% male - a fair split I believe!
With the most viewers being between the age of 35 and 45.

The number of people watching the videos per day ranged from 110- 350

Look to the right to link to my videos on IVF or go to You Tube and select either kosmogonia, Giles Palmer or Mitera IVF.....Anything else you would like to see???


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