FERTILITY ROAD: Europe’s first and only Lifestyle Magazine & on-line site aimed at pre-parenthood!

Although there are numerous baby and pregnancy magazine there was nothing for the 3.5 million couples in the UK who suffer from fertility issues.
In Europe there are over 33 million Couples suffer from fertility issues.

In response, launching this April will be the magazine: Fertility Road. This magazine will be targeted to these individuals.

The magazine will provide information on the latest treatments and drugs to help people conceive, plus natural conception options available. From lifestyle choices to fantastic places to conceive.
Other features will include book reviews, options for same sex couples, egg & sperm donation, surrogacy, holistic treatments, celebrity IVF births, success stories, fantastic clinics around Europe as well as a science section featuring cutting edge treatments.

Within the launch issue will be a feature called ‘Travelling for Treatment’
The Feature will give readers advice and information on destinations they should consider when researching fertility clinics abroad
The research states reasons vary across Europe - as German couples go abroad due to a belief that they will receive better treatment than in their own country whereas British couples choose to go abroad due to difficulties in accessing treatment and the expensive of having treatment in the UK, as a treatment cycle can cost up to £10,000.

visit the website…….http://www.fertilityroad.com/


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