Launch of EmbryoGen® - a new novel IVF medium for miscarriage patient

ORIGIO a/s, a medtech company listed on the Oslo
Stock Exchange (OSE: ORO) announced its launch of the
novel In Vitro Fertilization medium, EmbryoGen®, as a
new solution for women who have experienced
miscarriage. Exposure to EmbryoGen® has, in the
world's largest fertility media study, documented an
increase of the implantation rate of +40% for women
with previous miscarriage.

EmbryoGen® contains a natural cytokine growth factor
(GM-CSF) expressed throughout the woman's
reproductive tract. The cytokine interaction is a
natural part and powerful regulator of embryo
development and a range of other physiological
functions. Numerous animal and human studies have
shown that IVF culture with a natural cytokine,
besides higher implantation rates, brings IVF embryos
closer to naturally conceived embryo standards.

Susanne Hauschildt Bendz, PhD, CSO, EVP Innovation
and Corporate Marketing comments:
"It is encouraging to introduce the world's first
documented natural growth factor medium with
significant effect on the "baby-take-home" rate for
patients that have experienced miscarriage. It is
furthermore the first in vitro treatment option that
requires no patient medication. This means that we
can now improve the miscarriage patient's comfort
through higher success rate, fewer treatments, and
less stress.

The launch of EmbryoGen® is taking place in
connection with the annual meeting for the European
Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE)
in Stockholm on July 3-6, 2011.



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