Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics

Congratulations to all involved in the study that was published in Jan 2015 in The Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics!!
The Study undertaken at Mitera IVF Unit in Athens and the purpose was to compare the outcomes of embryos selected via time lapse monitoring (TLM) versus those selected with conventional methods of selection in subfertile women undergoing ICSI.
We could conclude that Morphokinetic parameters of early embryo development via TLM are related to the characteristics of subfertile patients and associated with ICSI outcomes.

Advantages include:
-a real time image of the developing embryo inside the IVF incubator.
- an accurate account of cellular and development events rarely followed
-improved assessment of embryos for embryo transfer
-capability of mathematical analysis of embryos using special software
-remote monitoring of embryos from outside the lab, such as the embryologists office or smart phone
-no electromagnetic interference.

A: Embryos with fast development patterns and outside the normal time-frame
B:Embryos within normal developmental division patterns
C: Embryo with slow and abnormal rates of cell division


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